Electric Car Review, Hyundai Ioniq

Cars are currently growing rapidly due to various kinds of research in the field of technology. Therefore, the Hyundai Ioniq electric car was created which is currently officially marketed in Indonesia. This car is the first electric car that uses a pure battery as power. 1. Exterior At first glance at the exterior design, we will get the impression of a very futuristic future car. There are several DRL lights on the front with a very unique shape. On the bumper there is a little touch of other colors so that it is not monotonous and looks like a car in general. On the wheels there are ring 16 wheels that look unique and fit like the car. 2. Interiors There is a 7 inch TFT screen that can provide information about the condition of the car. The seats are made of leather so that they are comfortable and elegant for sitting passengers and drivers. Then there is an 8-inch screen that functions for bluetooth connection, audio and connection to smartphone devices that we have. In addition, t

Volkswagen Touareg By Cobra

Cobra Technology & Lifestyle German has unveiled one of the latest tuners to get their hands on the Volkswagen Touareg which has just released a first batch of accessories for the SUV model and fitted it with their ‘traditional’ high-gloss stainless steel components and custom design alloys. Volkswagen Touareg Cobra is protected at the front by a 60 mm stainless steel tube placed under the bumper, plus on the sides, the German SUV has also received a pair of 80 mm stainless steel tube guards, that also play o protective role and enable easy access when stepping in and out of the car Cobra Technology offers a stainless steel lower guard for the front bumper along with 80 mm thick sidebars with rubber stepping surfaces plus a set of 20-inch alloy wheels shod in 275/45 R20 tires. To facilitate easy entering and exiting of the vehicle Cobra Technology & Lifestyle offers the installation of its rocker panel protectors. To ensure safe step these 80 mm stainless-steel tube guards have

MINI Countryman WRC

If you got to Paris Auto Show, you can look a spesial new car rally from MiNI automaker manufacture. MINI has introduced the new MINI WRC model and it will contest the MINI WRC to FIA World Rally Championship. In addition, Kris Meeke (GB) has been confirmed as one of the drivers who will contest the championship with this brand new rally car. The MINI WRC, powered by a 1.6-litre, four-cylinder Di turbo-charged engine, recently received a baptism of fire, acquitting itself well during initial testing at Prodrive’s rally track. The company commenced development of the car, and a concept of the MINI WRC will be displayed in Paris. The 2011 World Rally Championship will see the new MINI WRC contesting in six of 13 scheduled rounds, with MINI competing in the full season. In addition, Prodrive plans to make available customer versions to independent teams for use in the championship.

Hyundai Tucson ix FCEV

Hyundai has completed development of its VEGF variant ix Tucson, its hydrogen-ix35, which of course is still under development. Top of Korea announced that with the arrival of the new party will also test the model. The new fuel cell SUV, represents the third generation of Hyundai vehicles. With two hydrogen tanks at a pressure of 700 bar, the Tucson FCEV can boast ix declared the autonomy of 650 km. According to the house as the model is able to function without problems, even with outside temperatures of -25 ° C. The value of autonomy, one of the best of today’s fuel cell prototype, has a better understanding compared to the previous generation of hydrogen from Hyundai, which does not go beyond 370 km. 95% of the components of the advanced prototype has been produced in Korea and the volume of the organs that make up the fuel cell has been reduced by 20%. Consumption, the equivalent of 31 km with one liter of gasoline is reduced by 15% over the previous generation. The maximum ix Tuc

Mercedes-Benz SL63 AMG / SL65 AMG

Power and hi-tech stuff have always been the hallmark of the Mercedes-Benz SL steel-roof convertible supercars, but now power is up, and there are new gearboxes. It is the Mercedes-Benz SL63 AMG which is the sportier, whereas the  SL65 AMG goes for sheer power 600 bhp! There are minor changes to distinguish the cars from the previous ones, with black painted grilles, larger air intakes below the grille and side skirts The front end changes the look of the car quite a lot. At the rear, the diffuser is more obvious, while there are twin oval exhaust pipes each side. Very fast car acceleration The result of these changes is that the SL63 AMG now reaches 60 mph in about 4.5 seconds, and the SL65 AMGV-12 takes about 4.1 seconds, which is very quick especially for such a heavy car. Despite developing the V-12 engine to a high level, Mercedes-Benz AMG engineers seem to prefer the more compact new V-8 for all-out performance. The new engine is similar in many respects to a racing unit, with ha

Prevent Fuel Storage Spill with a Bunded Tank

A bunded tank is a tank that prevents fuel spillages; whenever there is a spill from an internal tank (the fuel storage), a bunded tank (or containment) would prevent the fuel spillage from getting into and/or polluting the environment. Fuels may include domestic oil (used by oil-fired or oil-powered appliances and equipment), kerosene, diesel and gas oil. Bunded tanks may be provided with tanks that are integrated with some other tanks, that is, integrally bunded tanks or a bund (containment) may be constructed around a tank with some concrete or masonry. Fuel storage tanks are typically made of steel or plastic (polyethylene). A bunded tank should be able to hold more spills than the volume of the contents of its internal or contained tank. There are different types of bunded tanks; some tanks may be specifically designed for some type of fuel or oil, for example diesel tanks by Blake Group, while others may work with more than one type of fuel/oil. Each bunded tank should ideally ha

Daihatsu Luxio Or Suzuki APV? Which One Do You Choose

The MPV Car segment in Indonesia is indeed small. Because people in that country today love MPVs and crossover cars. In addition, MPV boxy also has its own market, one of which is a travel service entrepreneur. However, there is nothing wrong with the family buying a boxy MPV. Because, this type offers broad dimensions so that it can carry many people and luggage. Not to mention the price is not too high. For a budget of around IDR 200 million, there are at least 2 products offered. First is the Daihatsu Luxio 1.5 X AT at a price of IDR 214.55 million and the Suzuki APV Arena SGX AT which is priced at IDR 211 million. Both are the highest variants of each model. Judging from its dimensions, the Daihatsu Luxio is 4,215 mm long, 1,710 mm wide and 1,915 mm high. It is slightly larger than the Suzuki APV Arena, which has a length of 4,155 mm, a width of 1,655 mm and a height of 1,855 mm. Regarding performance, the Daihatsu Luxio is back slightly superior. The 1,495 cc engine in this car is